Sensible Days 2019 - Fulda, Germany

3 years 7 months ago #141712 by leon
Hi guys.
Thanks a lot for a great tournament. KUDOS to the organisers for their hard work!!!
It was fun to meet all of you again, enjoy playing SWOS and having a good time.
See you soon :)

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3 years 7 months ago #141714 by ElMichaJ
Another great Sensidays is over :) it was again a very funny event.

First I want to say Thanks to a lot of helpers.

Savedisk for tactics and teams were made perfectly by andib and djowger, so we had no problems.
Also streaming PC and Amiga Games were made possible by these guys. Excellent Job my friends.

Rock did a lot of the result entering and prepared a good tool for it. Thx a lot. I think next year it will be easily possible by using new website admin interface. Got some nice feature ideas from it.
thx to all selfmade admins which speedup the leagues.

thx to all players which took part. We had no real problems with time losing or noise pollution.

I am also happy about the new german community members. I hope it will improve the activity of further german offline tournaments. There were also very nice guys, but we know this fact in our community.

Congratz to first win for boesjesman !!!

Congratz to blazej ;)

berlin crew got 2 silver medals ! YEAH ! Best Clan on the Tournament ;)

thx for so much nice talks and matches.

still reviewing all new memories.

hope to see some videos from Virtual Dimensions soon :)

Please post photos and videos here and on facebook.

Hey Hey Hey .... El Micha J !!!

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3 years 7 months ago #141716 by armakuni
Could not have said it better :)
What a great time, what a blast.
My first Sensidays, my first event of this kind at all to be honest.
Maybe I will participate in other events of this nature in the future.
But you guys set the bar so high... almost feels like it can only go downhill from here :)
You spoiled me :)

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3 years 7 months ago - 3 years 7 months ago #141717 by AndYpsilon
Great event, great organisation like always! Was big fun! Thx to the organizers for making it happen once again! And the location has been perfect with very tasty food!

I was happy to see some oldschool SWOSers return like Pallister, Asboy and Peter R for example, as well as having some new faces around! @armakuni: Cya at Eifel X-Mas-Cup 2019 ;)

Congratz to Berlin Crew for taking home two silver medals, well deserved (as well as the Danish guys with two bronze!). Eifel Crew won at least the Sauerkraut Cup on Amiga - congratz Paider! And with this strong field of players we are happy that at least two players made Top 8 on PC. Even more when Blazej stands in the way like a wall that just refuses to be teared down :P (and he even starts saving penalties now - dark times ahead my friends :D) However, congratz for taking all titles once more, mate! This run gets more impressive and more unbelievable every year.

Just one suggestion for improvement: The new group draw system ist too clinical - get back to the old one! Talked to some players on friday evening and they felt the same about it.

Cya at the next edition - OFFLINE still rulez!

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3 years 7 months ago - 3 years 7 months ago #141718 by Romanista
Looking back at another amazing days...

The sheer joy I saw friday in Playa’s eyes when I arrived, so happy to be back in his community, so proud to be organizing it in his home town...

Compliments to the organisers, as said before I would like the kindersurpriseegg style drawing too, much more fun (even though rock sis his best as quizmaster).

For myself, t was a sort of physical challenge again.. different than last year, but hope to be fit in Krakow, Gdansk or Byalistok next year... And it was a next phase in me re-understanding what make the game tick, which helped me perform on a far higher lever sunday (but just not enough to go over that threshold)...

And lots of ideas for new events.. Hoogkarspel in oktober, London and Eifel in November...

And the absolute highlight: that we were all so happy for Boesjesman’s first win...

Here the flickr album of the photos I made

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3 years 7 months ago #141719 by armakuni

@armakuni: Cya at Eifel X-Mas-Cup 2019 ;)

WILL BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 years 7 months ago #141735 by djowGer
Finally back home after a week of holiday after sensi days! 8)

Was a great edition to the long line of traditional sensi days. I think the location is still very good for an event like this, and the food and local beer was great! Im glad playa and me got the streaming to work, but despite the delays it was better that text livescore ;) Go to to rewatch some of the games. It should be available for some time, else download the streams with a flash video downloader. However I will try to convert the pc replays of the kos some time later.

Enjoyed the talks with the new-oldschool members like Pallister, Asboy and Peter, but was also nice to see new players like sebastosh, Thorsten, Armakuni, Rudiporto etc. to join the event. It is pretty cool that we can still attract new members to our community.

Congrats to all medalists and of course the tripple champion Blazej! Another impressive run, with no defeats on amiga! Just crazy! :)
I am happy for andib finally breaking his 4th place curse and getting a deserved bronze medal on amiga at days.

I managed to get bronze in both PC and Classic, and topscorer on PC. I felt good on PC all day, but had a complete breakdown in the 2nd semi vs bomb. A big congrats to him for the Silver.

On our way home, the danish guys talked about suggestions for improvements to next editions and ended up with this:
- Keep a more strict time table, or get back to direct Knockout stage scratching 2nd group stage, but keep the Sauerkraut cup. I don t remember what time we ended up with on saturday pc (sunday morning) but amiga was 3 in the morning or something like this. I think this is too much time wasting. And yes I know we can t please everyone. Most people just want to relax, drink beers and play a little swos during the weekend. However many of swos travellers have a 10+ hour drive on monday, it is not worth it having to wait 1 hour for 1 game to be played before we can continue.
- Switch date for Amiga/PC every 2nd year, instead of having PC always on saturday. The Amiga tournament felt a bit neglegted or less important this year. Not the same proper drawing of groups as on pc, and people caring even less on time table than on saturday (of course due to tiredness/alcohol/classic schedule).
- Cool to see a new way of drawing groups with the excel by rock, but the danes prefer the old way with the kinder eggs :)
- Complete testing of the equipment (CD32) should be a must before an event like days. dior and me had 10 crashes on the classic tournament and I also had this in previous games. This also adds to the time wasting factor of course.. use disk version on amiga 1200 as in days 2018.

The days must go on... in ... Poland? ::)

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3 years 7 months ago #141736 by andib
Im also back home after a week on holiday with my family.

Congratulations to all medalists and thank you everyone for participating. This was another great event.

I managed to get my first medal on Amiga. I thought I could make a surprise on PC and didnt expect anything on Amiga. Once again this was wrong. It was the same last year for me.

Like Djowger said, he spoke for the Danes about suggestion for improvements. Especially the switch between PC and Amiga every second year on saturday/sunday could be interesting. People are always wasted on sunday which make the Amiga Tournament less important than the PC Tournament. Could be interesting to see the level of Amiga SWOS if it is on Saturday (every second year).

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3 years 7 months ago #141738 by djowGer
I have uploaded some of the saved PC replays from the Knockout stage. It is a Youtube playlist. Enjoy!

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3 years 7 months ago #141739 by dior
Another absolutely great weekend. There was something magical to get back to Fulda after 10 years. The place still is very impressive and offers quality standard.
Thank you organizers. From my limited perspective everything seemed to go smooth and easy. Didn t experience any issues in the group stages. Maybe on Sunday it was slower than it should be but overall just great.
I have to say I felt this excitement and sense of competition like in the old times. And I was able to give my best performance so far on both platforms. Cool, I m very happy.
Congratz to Blazej for doing this again. Unbelievable, he is on completely different level. We all know it but still seeing it live forces you to open your eyes a bit wider...
Miss you guys, hope to see some of you in Londyn.
And what more, as Elmichaj once said, a day after Days is a year before Days.
See you all next year!

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