(v5.6 - 94MB - Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 - mod installer, original version is needed)

This is the real deal! What's new?

- Online Multiplayer

- AMIGA & PC DOS original gameplay
- AMIGA 60 FPS & XBLA gameplay
- AMIGA & DOS menus
- Speedrun mode!
- SWOS Galore (rate & share highlights)
- Practice mode!

- HD widescreen support
- USB controller support
- improved pitch palette
- improved sound files (stereo)
- auto-updater for database / launcher / executable
- database browser, full search engine for players/teams
- DLC for pitches, sound fx, commentary, cups & more...

Upon installation you will be prompted to locate an original version of SWOS on your hard drive (auto-search will be performed at your convenience).

You don't have an original copy? Get it from here:

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Amiga version
- 21/22 database, HDF for Amiga 600/1200, 4 MB Fastram
- career mode is working, starting year set to 21/22
- disable the mouse port (Port 0) for single player mode


ATTENTION: ADF (piracy reasons) version is no longer available. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Screenshots of WINDOWS version - SWOS 2020