Sensible Days 2019 - Fulda, Germany

3 years 3 months ago #141740 by Playaveli
Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for making this event happen and coming down to Fulda. 40+ is always a good number.
To every participant, but especially to everyone who helped in organizing, hardware, results, cleaning etc etc...
When I look back I must say the Days orga team and hardware contributors are like a well oiled machine... it s just great!

Congrats to all medalist. It s cool to see andib taking an Amiga medal and Bomb playing at his best and reaching a World Cup final.
And of course Blazej who once again proved his extraordinary status as the best player ever to play this beautiful game. I mean... ALI did such a great comeback just to find himself being absolutely chanceless in the final. Same goes for Bomb, obviously.

AMIGA replays:

Thanks also for the feedback.
I think you are right, let s get back to using surprise eggs again for the group drawing.
Also switching AMIGA - PC day around every other year sounds good to me.

The Days must go on! And sure they will...

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3 years 3 months ago #141741 by Bomb
Hey guys,

most things are already said. But one thing can be said once more:

BIG CONGRATZ TO BLAZEJ!!! Just unbelievable. Always being focused on point no matter what the clock tells... Still inventing some weird moves we never saw before .... well, maybe a result of all the online training sessions you played with the Bomb in the last months... OK, kidding. ;)
Me in the final is probably a result of all these matches. ;D
Don t know. For sure it was like Andib said: if you expect noting, you can go far... I actually started drinking beer right before the KO round in PC cause I thought it ll be over soon (I think it was the first time since more than 10 years I did this... now I know what I did wrong in the past :D :D .D).
Anyway... something tells me that Blazej s Hegemony will break next year. Some of the finals have been closer than the result tells...

Great to see all you guys again, its getting more and more to be like a big family meeting.
BIG THX to the organizers who made it possible again.

I also like the drawing by excel sheet, but it was way too quick to even generate a little bit of excitement. So I would vote for the oldschool Surprise Eggs variant next year. I volunteer for the draw. 8)
And yes, changing PC/AMIGA every 2 years would be great to give AMIGA the same amount of attention by the crowd, especially in the finals.

See you next year!

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