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11 years 7 months ago #111007 by FLegby
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Ja és mégegy!
Zsoltnak az XBOX törtbe van meg? Ha igen akkor igényt tartok rá!

Hozzatok össze vele :)


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11 years 7 months ago #111041 by dimetrodon
Na, fönt vannak az első eredmények, a Amigás bajnokság került be. Szesszel 47 percig nyomtuk be Skypeos összedolgozásban : D de jó volt, csak kiesik a szemem, holnap talán jön a PCs.

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11 years 7 months ago #111043 by szesezsek

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11 years 7 months ago #111044 by dimetrodon
: D

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11 years 2 months ago #114076 by AndYpsilon

AndY asked me about some details so I answer here in English to let everybody know it.

First of all we are not really old school kind of players. What I talk about? We play in modern PCs. TotalPack DOSBox version for PC and WinUAE for Amiga. The reasons are various. First, I am the only really tech guy and it is enough work for me like that, no need for more. :) Second, we don t have Amiga. Not a single one. Me and some other guys have never ever played on Amiga, or some others played once in Fulda/Varna. If I am right none of us had Amiga in the past. It was very rare and expensive thing in Hungary that days. Third, and that is the most important, we love SWoS, and don t care about emulation/etc. we want to play! :)

This time we played on two PC-s (Core 2 Duo machines). We used a league system as it has the most fun, and the more just system. 10 (or 9) player played x2 each other, but once in Machine A, and once in Machine B. We added all the points together as a normal x2 league. No play-off or similar. I think this system have huge advantages, as for the best player can not have any rest, and play 100% only in the play-off, but the matches against the weaker players are very-very important.

With 10 players in a league there are many schedule problem (eating, chating, drinking, playing on other machines, someone use other s controller etc) so we made the draw with a CPU controlled league (Result, Result, Result), but after we did play the games as friendlies.

With this method your injuries or red cards won t be preserved, it can be argued good or bad. (I think it is good, as inuries against a weak player is kind of dirty lottery, and can spoil someone s whole tournament. I think if we could turn off injuries for the real life football, we would all choose to do so. Ofc course there are some arguments to let injuries happen, but we don t do this with this intention, while I consider it a good side effect)

So we could change the order of matches, and it profited lot-lot hours (of gameplay) and +1 player for us, as one of as had to work for a half day, so he can join halway, we could do that! We also can handle some controller problems easier.

About custom tactics. In the 1-3rd editions it was a kind of debate. As the pro tactics players were mostly PC players and untactical ones were Amiga palyers we choose: any custom in any match at PC and no custom for Amiga. A good side effect was that the WinUAE version would be lot slower with tact. but on PC it wasn t that much wasted time. So this time it was no question that we don t want to use cus. tact. on Amiga. I am the biggest dirty tact. writer of Hungary on PC, I had needed that because low level of gameplay of mine, but this time I was who suggested to not to use cus. tact. on PC either. First we had a very strict schedule. But the most important thing was that we had 3 new players, two of them totally new in the game. It would have been unfair for me if we had used our tact. in the same league with them. But like with the emulation question: none of us had really care tactics, we wanted to play.

Controllers. Most of us use keyboard. Bromberg some month ago swaped to joy, and Szeszesek use his gamepad. In Belgrade we bought 3 keypads from Koja, and I bought 4 old sound card for the 2 PC-s (as the Y-cable we bought with the pads does not working). So we played with this + with normal keyboard. The only problem was that Bromberg s traditional Comp. Pro does not working with the PC version, so he could choose between a newer USB Comp Pro or keyboard/pad. As he not really PC addicted, he choose the key version.

A side note: we had a strange problem with the PC version but I managed to find the workaround. If we change controllers and calibrate them with SWOS++, the game had become very slow, and keyboard had not worked anymore well. After some hours of desperate trying I have found out that if I calibrate, and quit, start again but don t calibrate, it will work like a charm.

In all other aspects we played normally : any team, 3 min games, and so.

Two of us have Xbox, and Zsolt, a new player of us tried SWoS on Xbox, so I think the next championship will be a three platform event!

Any other question left? : )

Thx a lot Dimetrodon, for this report. My response is maybe a bit late but I ve not forgotten it :)

I like the fact that you obviously have your very own tournament style and your sentence we love SWoS, and don t care about emulation/etc. we want to play! :) describes it all. It should all be about fun. Great spirit!

However, if Hungary wasn t that far away from my home I would organize an old pc-system with CRT-monitor for you - just to support a friendly and enthusiastic community. PC-SWOS needs an old PC with Windows 95/98/ME - it s just the real feeling :)

I suppose no tactic on amiga and tactic on PC is a good solution that also works well on Sensi Days and many international tournaments. About your fairness-rule concerning new players: On Eifel-X-Mas-Cup we talked about the same problems and have chosen the following solution: Every player may choose the tactic he wants except in one situation: If u play versus the creator of a tactic, the tactic-builder may decide if the opponent may use this tactic or has to take another one. It s pretty fair because everybody can use a well-working tactic if he wants but nobody has to play versus his own tactic if he doesn t want it.

For myself: I d love to play a SWOS tournament in Hungary and if it is announced early enough and flights aren t too expensive I d be in for sure. If possible, we d try to support u with some hardware. Maybe it would be worth a test before planning Sensi Days in 2015 or 2016 to organize a international offline tournament at some nice place. I m sure it would be fun and I definitely know that some players from Germany would follow the Hungarian SWOS Call :D

So mates, keep on SWOSING ;)

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11 years 2 months ago #114078 by dimetrodon
Another huge amount of inspiration to organize a competition here!

We have very busy days, but as you have not frorgotten my post, I wont forgot yours :) And we will meet and play here! :)

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