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12 years 11 months ago #81128 by Bomb
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that s the number of players that were either playing or chilling in those particular rooms (SSFIIT and 3rd Strike) at the time.

nice! imagine that number in a swos channel^^
I know.... that s we re talking about :P

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12 years 11 months ago #81147 by Retrieving
@ Playa

Yeah I realize it s a bit of a stretch right now, I guess only time will tell (the guy s english and around our age though so he might ve had some experience with Amiga systems in his time, let s hope for the best).

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12 years 11 months ago #81192 by ruichi
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Lo..... I thought this topic will be quiet as usuall, but looks like something s happening.. great stuff Retri! :)

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12 years 10 months ago #82672 by djowGer
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Any news about this one Retri, heard anything from damdai?

This is probably the most exciting topic of all in the sensi forums ;)

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12 years 10 months ago - 12 years 10 months ago #82690 by Retrieving
Last I checked Damdai would be totally cool with this, the problem is that he only developed an (awesome) netcode which runs on a modded version of a pre-existing emulator (and the same goes for the GGPO designer).

The emulator itself is pretty versatile seeing as it runs Genesis/Megadrive games as well as several arcade boards (CPS II, CPS III, MVS, Atomiswave etc.) titles, so whoever coded it shouldn t have that much troubles with making some Amiga drivers to put into the mix, however this is easier said than done: from what I ve gathered it looks like both GGPO and 2DF creators basically took the emu, modded it somehow and never really credited the original developers nor released the source code of their softwares as the emulator license required (not really sure about 2DF though as I haven t had any first-hand confirmation of this so take my words as a grain of salt - 2DF has also been completely overhauled lately and it s now become a much lighter and 100% browser-based application so I really don t know whether they re still using the forementioned emulator or not, still trying to figure that out atm).

Here s a quote from the emulator developers website:

The problem with GGPO is that they are a license violating build of our emulator. They should be releasing their sources with every binary release and do not, so we have no interest in helping them with anything.

which is further explained by the following quote:

The current emulator team, the previous members, external contributors, and the MAME team (our emu has a lot of MAME code in) have all put in numerous countless hours into this. Dave (the creator), released the source code under a license. That license stated that all releases made based on the code had to be accompanied by a source release. This is what is meant by open-source. We have always posted source code with our releases and always will. Unfortunately, some builds, believe they don t need to do this.

The very essence of open-source is that the code is put into the public domain to be used by anybody. Our emulator has an additional stipulation that the code can t be used for commercial activities. If you don t want to release your modifications then you would need to find another emulator to use, or write your own.

By not complying with the license, you put the project in jeopardy. The emu contains a lot of code from MAME. We are currently in the process of applying for permission to use this code. If permission isn t granted then this emu will not exist. If we are not seen to be policing our license then we will not get permission to use the code.

As a result the original developers of the emulator flat out refuse to support any unlawful build so, at least for what concerns the GGPO front, we re at a stalemate* .

Dunno about 2DF/Starcade yet, still working on it.

* EDIT: also, CAPCOM (for those who ve spent the last 20 years on Mars, the japanese company behind the Street Fighter franchise) has just purchased the rights to implement GGPO s netcode into their games (see the article quoted below) so I don t think it would ve been a feasible option to begin with anyway.

Capcom s Final Fight: Double Impact game for X-Box Live Arcade and Playstation Network may be the most important game you ever buy. But Keits, this isn t really a fighting game! I know. I know. What it is, though, is Capcom s pilot game for GGPO. GGPO is a netcode system designed specifically to handle fighting games by our very own Tony Ponder Cannon. A while ago, we had heard that Capcom had licensed this brilliant product from Tony, and then were disappointed time and time again when new Capcom fighting games failed to include GGPO netcode. Well, nothing speaks louder than your wallet, and now that Capcom is finally releasing a game that uses GGPO, the time to speak is now. Success for Final Fight: Double Impact could really let Capcom know how passionate we are about having the best possible netplay going forward.

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12 years 9 months ago #83260 by antiviruskey
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As you all know, we all can see no of players decreasing every month. It s been like that for last year or two. I suggest we should promote swos/ harder than usual and try to bring more fresh blood to our community. No doubt (I m not being smart or anything) polish community is the biggest, we have few new players every month or two. Some stay, some not, but it s nothing unusual to see new faces on How we do it? We spam football and games sites, using demots, community things (facebook like) and spam forums and other sites we find related in any way to swos or old games .
If you have ideas how to promote swos even better and get more people to play swos, please share it here.

I d love to see more different leagues with more players playing here...

Can anyone recode the SWOS original version to fit into facebook and must be multiplayer. By that i think this game will have plenty of players and fans. I just love it thats why i recommend it to be in Facebook and i believe everyone gonna love it especially kids

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12 years 1 month ago #95542 by Retrieving
Alright, I m trying to convince these guys to write Amiga drivers for the nFBA emulator (the one GGPO and 2DF/Supercade rely upon), I need your help though because they don t seem too keen on doing it... please support the SWOS Online cause by posting in this thread:

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12 years 1 month ago #95545 by Playaveli
Replied by Playaveli on topic Re: promoting swos online
I will jump in later today!
Thanks Retri, great effort!

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12 years 1 month ago - 12 years 1 month ago #95546 by Retrieving
Ok so, as I was explained by one of the MAME devs, the problem is

- these guys made an awesome emu, nFBA, taking some code from MAME and prolly from some preliminary work done by someone else
- the new emu was released under an open source license that forces contributors to make their modded code available for everyone
- two guys wrote 2 amazing netplay middlewares (100 times better than Kaillera seeing as they re stable and decrease lag dramatically, allowing people to play over ridicolously large distances without suffering from input lag issues) for the aforementioned emu
- these two guys wrapped up the netcode and modded emu into nice browser based apps called GGPO and 2DF/Starcade that are incredibly user-friendly (two clicks and you re already playing online, full replays recorded and stored server-side, no compatibility issues with the most recent OS s, etc.)
- they however refused to release the source codes of their creations (prolly to avoid competition, they re brilliant apps though and got so popular that Capcom even went as far as purchasing the rights to implement GGPO s netcode into their games)
- the FBA emu developers got mad because the source codes weren t released to the public
- 2DF/Starcade creator, damdai, tells me that he d add SWOS np, too bad that there s no Amiga drivers for the nFBA emu and he wouldn t know how to code them
- he points me to the FBA emu developers website
- I ask politely if Amiga drivers could be developed, telling them that we might be able to raise some funds to support their work (and offering my own Amiga 1200 in case they needed one to reverse-engineer the system)
- turns out the FBA emu developers refuse to help those who ask for new drivers because they don t want them to end up playing on GGPO and 2DF/Starcade (although the FBA emu is open source so who cares? I d be grateful these guys developed such awesome netplay apps for it...I mean, they got a point because of the open source license thing and whatnot but come on), even though they acknowledge that as of now there s no reliable alternatives to GGPO and 2DF/Starcade, so you either use them or you re SOL
- the irony is that both GGPO and 2DF/Starcade feature hundreds of games and several thousands of people play on them on daily basis and neither them nor their creators seem to be giving a damn about the FBA emu developers alleged licensing issues ::)

= we ll never get SWOS on GGPO or 2DF/Starcade because of developers arguing over, IMHO, petty things and being at war with each other ::) :-\

Anyhow, I ve been at this for the past year or so, tried my best to contact all of the developers involved and went through hoops to convince them to support Amiga emulation and SWOS, it s just that there doesn t seem to be a feasible alternative to Kaillera and WinUAE right now. : (

Really bummed because it would ve been a huge leap forward for both the game and the community.

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12 years 1 month ago #95551 by Playaveli
Replied by Playaveli on topic Re: promoting swos online
Hm, how about PC SWOS / dos game?
It does not have to be Amiga SWOS!

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