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Sorry for another new topic :oops:

I feel like I am missing something when I am editing tactics. I have read almost everything I can find on the web but still think I am doing something wrong. I know that green ticks are good especially for players to play well or raise in value, but I still can't grasp it.

For example on the edit tactics screen I can move a player to a position and he gets a cross next to his name. Then I move him to another position on the pitch and back to the same position and he gets a green tick this time. Also in most positions the player gets no tick or cross. Am I looking at the wrong ticks or crosses. Does anyone have a screenshot of what I should be looking at when editing a tactic lol?

Also I can make tactics where I get green ticks in the edit tactics screen but then the player gets a cross on the team selection screen. It is starting to make my head hurt and I think I must be missing something simple. This problem has bugged me for nearly 30 years haha :)

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Please regard page 10-11 of 100 from the original manual:

Topic "Edit tactics" and especially "Tactical hints and tips".

Also, SWOS 2020 comes with a tactic called "value.tac". Load it and check it out.

Also interesting:
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