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7 years 9 months ago #129051 by Marin Parushev
Hi folks,

for all those of you who enjoy playing SWOS vs. the computer here is a hardcore career challenge for you.
What you need is the original SWOS 96/97 (no player updates) and some 10-15 hours to play SWOS.
Start by selecting your nationality and pick one of the following - San Marino (SMR), Faroe Islands (FAR), Estonia (EST), Latvia (LAT), Malta (MLT), Luxembourg (LUX), Venezuela (VNZ) or Surinam (SUR).

Next pick your club team - any team in England s division 3.

As a club coach your challenge is two win:
- the league cup
- the cup
- Premiership title
- UEFA cup
- CWC (Cup Winners Cup)
- Champion s league


In order to do this you can take the following plan:
1-st year: win promotion and the league cup
2-nd year: win the cup and the UEFA cup
3-rd year: win the CWC
4-th year: win the Premiership title
5-th year: win the Champion s league

It doesn t sound very difficult, however there are some challenging limitations:
- in the first 3 years of your career DON T buy players of value over 300k (if you buy a player under 300k but his value raises that s ok)
- in the years 4-5 you can buy any player (besides players from your career nationality) but DON T put expensive players in your squad or reserves (the goal is to leave a healthy top class squad which can win Premiership again after you go to your national team)
- saving your career is fine, but playing a match for a second time (because you lost it the first time) is NOT allowed
- using custom tactics is NOT allowed (stick to the regulars 4-4-2, sweep, 3-5-2 etc)

In the 6-th year of your career you can buy expensive players and put them in your squad. Your goal is to receive an invitation to become a coach of a national team.

Once you become a coach your goals in the career are:
- win the continental championship (European Championship/Copa America) as many times as possible (maximum is 4)
- win the World Cup as many times as possible (maximum is 3)
- don t get sacked (fired)

The challenge is too hardcore but here are some things you are allowed to do in order to save some time. You can:
- if you have a player over 300k in your squad when you start the career - you can use him
- View Result instead of Play Match if the match is not important for you - using View Result is the same as Play Match , just you accept the score the game gives you
- search for good players in a SWOS database (e.g.
- promote to a higher division without winning the league (promotion is important here even through playoffs)

And that s basically it. If you feel like you can t complete this challenge you can change some of the parameters like...
- start from division 2
- set player price limit to 500k or 1M or whatever you like
- become national coach of teams like Albania, Belarus, Bolivia, Ecuador, Finland, Iceland, Israel, Lithuania, Peru, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine

I am almost done with this career challenge with the teams of Swansea City and San Marino and I will post my management record below in one of the following days.


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7 years 8 months ago #129405 by rw9018
Replied by rw9018 on topic Re: Career Challenge
I like to do this type of career challenge too.

My favourite is to get rid of all players at start (give them free transfer), and then use only trial and reserve players, never buying any. Also, you have to sell to the first club that meets current valuation.

It s quite a hard challenge, so I don t set any time limits on winning stuff.

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2 years 6 months ago #144007 by sokratees9
Replied by sokratees9 on topic Career Challenge
So I'm giving this challenge a go for the first time, and I failed in the first season, as I wasn't able to win any cups. I got to the quarter finals of the league cup, but three premier league teams in a row was too much.

Anyway, the best signing I made immediately was Tommy Mooney, only 200k (good speed and velocity, and great finishing, 0 for everything else). Anyone else have recommendations for the rest of the squad? I pulled up a few players via the gazchap DB, some were decent, others not so much. A first 11 (or 15) or 300k player recommendations would help in this challenge.

It seems like speed 4 is the minimum requirement for any players, but what else is best in each position?

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