Career View World a SWOS big cheat.

2 years 11 months ago #143030 by anoxic
Couple days ago @EMPI wrote to me mail about career and how swos keeps data on another's leagues (except actual playing).
I write this post, because may be interesting for others...

I checked how swos keeps data in .car file. In this file not found any information about another's leagues.
Then checked the memory, swos write league selected in view world after click on this.
One more checked memory for any another's leagues data... Nothing.
Tired, left this. I make some another, and by coding something, i figure out this.
SWOS "knows" on the beginig what results be in leagues.
Seed and random, exacly this same like in Minecraft/Factorio etc.
On Start Career (or new season) SWOS generates random seeds and save them.
Whenever you select view world results be this same. This make we belive SWOS is really playing leagues.
I Run new career in Germany. Plays couple matches and select view world -> Poland...

Then open TEAM.028 in editor change all players in ZAGLEBIE LUBIN (last place) to best attributtes (MAX). Plays couple matches and...

Wow! "Barber" strikes back! :>

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2 years 11 months ago - 2 years 11 months ago #143034 by EMPI
You called me Sir? :P

I can actually recall that once the season is over and you're about to hit next season button you can tweak file in such a way that i.e. team which is PREMIER DIV will be changed to NON-LEAGUE and NON-LEAGUE to PREMIER. Once you hit NEXT SEASON magic happens and boom - you've just promoted some team to premier div.

This simple example that we're talking about shows the following:
  • CAR file stores info just about player's league
  • CAR file stores info about current squad and transfers made
  • To build new season SWOS has to reach out to all data files for input info on teams, seeds etc. (that's why if something's wrong with data files it will freeze - a known bug)
  • It is theoretically possible to extract other legaues' standings either manually at the end of season going to View World and reading memory used by SWOS process or during new season generation process - this needs to be added to SWOS as an option
Why do I bother? Well I think it could be used to generate missing cups based on this extracts. SWOS 2020 (and on) db could be matched to fit todays cups' structure like CL, Libertadores, EL end so on. Once you have standings, and your current squad from CAR - it's easy to build an app which process this data. Sure it won't be a "native swos experience" but still a small step forward in a right direciton.

BTW. During carrer first world cup is played in season no.6 as far as I can remember. First world cup contains just 00 league teams (ALBANIA) and one 00 team (Partizani Tirana under SWOS2020). It's because SWOS just reads zeros as there are no qualifications taking place till season 4. As a result you won't get national job offer even if you win everything during your first years. And second funny thing is... first WORLD CUP belongs to... Partizani Tirana. :silly: :silly: :silly:

It always wonders me how this game never crashes during such scenarios... ;)
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