Guide - WIN 10 - DS4 controller - how to play using the Dpad

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Hi all

Thanks for this update of a classic game. It has hooked me right back in :)

I was having trouble getting my PS4 DS4 gamepad to work and I have seen others with similar problems. The analogue sticks don't seem to work properly at all. I was nearly going to switch to using the keyboard until I found a fix.

I tried to use Joytokey using a guide I found on this forum in order to use the gamepad to put in the keyboard inputs but it wasn't stable with the DS4 controller and DS4windows program and it only worked for one game or so. Luckily the fix is actually much simpler.

Just make sure you have the latest version of DS4windows

Then create a copy of the default profile to edit and rename it for SWOS etc. Double click the profile. Then a picture of the controller will appear. Click on the dpad buttons. Then assign it to the corresponding arrow keys (on your keyboard) or whatever you want to use as direction keys. Do the same with a button you want to use for shoot. For example, I have assinged the square button to Left Ctrl.

When you open Swos switch the control method to keyboard and assign the keys you have assigned to the dpad and shoot button on your controller in DS4windows. Then you are ready to go. I've had no controller issues at all since using this method.

I hope this helps anyone trying to play SWOS 2020 with a DS4 controller. :)
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4 months 2 weeks ago #143700 by Playaveli
Thanks for this! Good job! :)

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