All National Teams Update - FIFA/CONIFA/Other

5 months 3 weeks ago #143474 by EMPI
All National Teams update for SWOS 2020 ver1.2

Yet again I'm happy to serve you a team db update which contains all national teams + more... :woohoo:
If you're not familiar with this update - just check out last year's edition before SWOS 2020 era > jump to previous edition .
Please read entire post carefully to get all instructions on how to install and use it (which is not so hard but still there are some points to consider).

Who's this db update for?
This team db is dedicated to anyone willing to play potentially almost every possible national cup or tournament imaginable.
Over 130 teams have been build from scratch to make it possible. I've tried very hard to replicate skill levels. For CONIFA levels are flat but team strength follows CONIFA ranking.

What's inside?
  • All FIFA affiliated national teams.
  • All CONIFA affiliated teams. > jump to CONIFA@Wikipedia
  • All NON-FIFA national teams but members of regional confederations.
  • Other teams (xflea's Road To South Africa + new teams added).

What platforms are supported?
All platforms are supported. This patch has been tested and confirmed working on following platforms:
  • PC SWOS 2020 ver1.2 Windows 10.
  • PC SWOS 2020 ver1.2 Linux.
  • PC Amiga SWOS Online (used for leagues & cups online games).
  • Amiga (1200, 8MB Fast RAM, WHDLoad).
Note: It's also expected to work on Mac OS but it hasn't been tested.

Wait! You mean I can use it to play online?
Of course. You just need to be sure you're using same hdf file while joining the game. :silly:

How this update works? Are there any watchouts?
This update will replace CLUB TEAMS with NATIONAL TEAMS. This update is not only about database. Some slight modifications have been done to swos-port-release.exe file (HEX editing). Please bear in mind until it's bundled under TOTAL PACK you're pretty much forced to install and maintain this manually.

Points to consider / remember before you get it working
  • SWOS 2020 ver1.2 is required to run this team db (applicable to PC). Modified swos-port-release.exe file is ver1.2.1
  • Only FRIENDLY and DIY COMPETITION is available. You can access PRESET, SEASON and CAREER - but career will crash miserebly. preset competition and season may crash anytime. :woohoo:
  • Once installing it manually (TOTAL PACK still not available the moment I'm creating this post) you cannot update team DB or SWOS Executable from SWOS 2020 game launcher. Installing this team db locks your SWOS 2020.
  • If you update swos executable of data folder from game launcher anyway - you'll have to install this update again to overwrite.
  • Make a backup of your original data folder and swos-port-release.exe before installation (replacing them).

PC (Windows & Linux - also MAC if you use one)
  1. Backup your current data folder under SWOS (i.e. rename it to data_org).
  2. Backup your current swos-port-release.exe file under SWOS (i.e. rename it to swos-port-release.exe.bak).
  3. Backup your current saves (just in case something goes REALLY wrong).
  4. Copy downloaded data folder and swos-port-release.exe to your SWOS game folder.
  5. If you're prompted to overwrite - do it (you've got your backups right?).
  6. Run the game. Don't update anything from SWOS 2020 game launcher.
  7. Enjoy Road To Quatar 2022...

Amiga SWOS online
  1. Get *.hdf file under disks folder.
  2. Rename current used hdf to some other name.
  3. Rename downloaded patch to swos.hdf.
  4. Run the game.
  5. Enjoy Road To Quatar 2022 ONLINE... :woohoo:

  1. Get *.lha file.
  2. Unpack it and run the game.
  3. Enjoy Road To Quatar 2022 with friends on real Amiga hardware... :woohoo:

Download links:
> DOWNLOAD *.7z for PC
> DOWNLOAD *.hdf for PC Amiga online
> DOWNLOAD *.lha for AMIGA WHDLoad

Some screenshots from PC version:

Known bugs and issues:
  • Some CONIFA teams have no squad named - just unknown players.
  • Pitch selecion RANDOM/SEASON description for season is bugged as same hex address is used in main menu button desc. This option works with no problem just button desc. is messed up.
  • If season start year is 2019 - swos-port-release.exe will replace league name of GHANA to EGYPT. Your OTH2 will be EGYPT then. Change your start season year to something different - 2020? (Game Launcher -> Advanced).
  • Tuvalu and Kiribati teams are doubled. Both teams are in NON-FIFA (members of OFC) and CONIFA. Skills are different. For CONIFA they are higher to match their rivals.

  • Special thanks to:
    • My wife... :lol:
    • BOCo - your Transfermarkt downloader saved me hours.
    • xflea - Cook Islands are not ranked but still member of FIFA - we've got 211 teams! Also thanks for sharing Road To South Africa db.
    • Playavelli - for promissing to get this patch under TOTAL PACK one day... :lol:
    • Anonymous testers... B)
    • Wikipedia - please consider donating them if you enjoy this patch. B)

    Use this topic to address anything related to this patch.
    For now I don't expect to update this in near future but in case there's major bug - let me know.

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    5 months 3 weeks ago - 5 months 3 weeks ago #143475 by Playaveli
    Jeez, this is collosal! Great work, EMPI.

    Supported it with social media posts:
    Last edit: 5 months 3 weeks ago by Playaveli.

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    5 months 3 weeks ago #143477 by Rock and Roll
    Brilliant! I'm interested in these things. CONIFA / NF-Board stuff like that. Go Sealand!
    I started something like this years ago, just never got around to entering teams, just the research in watching
    vague videos of e.g. Abkhazia.

    I hope to have a bit more time in a few weeks. If you don't mind, I'll try to find missing players etc.
    I like the obscure stuff :)

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