On what platform? A discussion, what platform, and why?

13 years 5 months ago #86276 by captaincofresi
Hi there,

Just curious on what platform it will be relaesed. Does that depend on the way it is programmed? Some things I would consider, the PC would be great for buidling a comminuty, the way Trackmania did with their fantastic game.

From a selling point of view, I would consider Nintendo (Wii or other platform). Just because they are known for the game experience, rather than the graphics. So I think the target group would suit the game best. Although the downside is, no updates and such. Or this is possible on WiiWare (but there is a lmiit to the MB s, so maybe it cannot be released on WiiWare at all).

And maybe the responsiveness isn t at best one the Wii, then consider the Xbox360 Live! There is already a fanbase who is playing Sensible World of Soccer on Live! Just sharing the considerations.

Hope it helps a little bit, I would like to hear different opinions in this matter. I am also promoting a remake of the game Rocket Jockey, which is standing still at the moment due to lack of programmers to get it done open source. Here is a link to the facebook group: www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=2390271810 v=info (also added it to the Other Games section on this website).

Kind regards,

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