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So I have read all of this and come to the conclusion that a players default position doesnt mean anything when creating a tactic. A player getting a green tick is dependant on his main 3 skill attributes and where he is positioned on the pitch.
Is this a safe assumption?

Not really.
Take Milan and put LeftBack Maldini in Attack. He has maximum skills in all attributes, but will get a big red cross.

Do you think that is because a default position wins over stats if all stats are maximum?
So if another player who does not have maximum stats in all areas and he is for example a midfield player yet his 3 main attribute are FHS then surely he will perform better as an attacker?

Well both stats and positions matter for the performance of the players. Like Playa said if you put a max skilled player like Maldini (LB) in offense he will perform badly compared to George Weah (A) a real attacker. Usually a Defender (D) will perform better on the defensive midfield position than a midfielder. And an attacker will also perform better than a midfielder on the offensive midfield. The 5-2-3 formation has a weird twist in making the 2 wingers performing best on the 2 central midfielder positions. Besides this, the players perform their best on their normal positions, in the other formations. But with the standard teams it is a big bowl of compromise solutions. You can of course tweak this with a custom tactic.

To show you how positions matter over stats, here is a pack with some superteams (all players have max skills in every category). Play a friendly with the Edited custom teams. When you change players, make sure you choose from the bench to a player on the starting 11. Not swapping from LB to defensive midfield. This way you are sure that the player you put onto the pitch is better or worse than the previous one. I hope you understand.

Link to pack with superteams:

I dont know which tactic you usually play with, but if you dont have the patience or experience in creating a tactic, start with one of the veterans tactics, and make the changes you like after. I can upload some of them if you like.

Thanks. Im currently experimenting using a custom 4-2-4 formation. Instead of playing an attacker behind an attacker, I am playing a midfield player behind the attacker like so:



It turns out that his value is going up in this position. His main display skills are PCV. I plan to change him with another midfield player with 3 different main skills to see if it is only the role or the attribute which makes the players value increase. My guess is that the next midfielder i replace him with, i.e one with unsuitable skills for playing behind a striker will not increase in value.

EDIT: As expected, a midfielder with three different main attributes went down in value. Therefore I think it is safe to say that position does not matter unless a players stats are maxed out it seems.
Im not sure how stats increase when a value of a player goes up but im guessing they develop higher in key areas for the position you have placed them in.

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