Re: Sensible Days 2017 - Budapest (Csillebérc), Hungary, July 29/30 (MAIN TOPIC)

6 years 10 months ago #137761 by Hawkz
2 days to go!

You can reach bromberg and me on the following numbers, just in case:

Bromberg: 0036 20/442-7579

Hawkz: 0036 30/563 936

We will be at the location already on Thursday evening.



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6 years 10 months ago #137785 by transylvanicus
I would like to thank the organisers and players of this tournament for embracing us in the community, for being friendly and open (even we re quite silent at the beginning ;D ) and to congratulate everybody for showing a huge level of SWOS skills.
I was impressed by the organisation - the location was perfect-thought and I consider it very difficult to organise from A to Z every detail of such an event - so a big congratulations for the organisers!
We ll keep in touch and maybe see you next year(s) ;)

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6 years 10 months ago #137787 by djowGer
Thx to all for a nice and very hot and sweaty weekend in Budapest :)

Great job by organizers Hawkz and Bromberg. You guys made everything so easy for all of us this weekend.

Congrats to all Winner(s) and medalists Blazej, Andib, Playa, Foka, Lobo, Micha, Dota and Kasapin. Very tough tournaments all of them.

I think we needed a little more cheering during the ko games in general, but the danes gave it a shot at least. On the other hand it was business as usual for the big favorites. Well deserved by Blazej to take home another two titles like it was no big deal, while everyone else struggling to make it far. ;)
I feel bad for my friend Andib who made runner up on pc this year. So close to make it, and played out of this world all day making other world class players look like noobs sometimes. At least you won the prize for best defender. I know this is also important for you. Maybe next year mate :)

It was very funny to end the sensi days with a 5 player dynablaster game at the polish bungalow. Maybe this should be another side tournament? ;)

In the end thx for all the talks and games with the old and new players. Cu next time for another SWOS tournament somewhere...

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6 years 10 months ago #137792 by Blazej_Bdg
Big thanks and congratulations to organizers for such a great tournament. Hawkz, Bromberg, and the rest who helps you like Abelxavier, Szeszesek and other hungarians, you did a great thing! Location, food, tournament was on a top level!

It was nice to see some friends known from online like Enbino, Szeszesek, Dota and others.

Big respect to Mladen and Kasapin for their performance on PC, i m pretty sure if we are playing on standard tactics you guys will fight for trophies (also hope to play tournament like that).

Abelxavier, great result on amiga! I think you can get even more with that style! Unfortunately we didn t play a single game, looking for that on next sensi days! :)

Big respect also for danish crew for holding great atmosphere of tournament by cheering Dota, Djowger, Andib and Klaris.

Playa, insane level on amiga! I thought you gonna destroy me in this final. Hopefully i found my timing and got some luck in most important game. Congrats for your 11th sensi days title!

Andib and Bomb, great matches vs both of you!

Congrats to medalists and thanks to all participants! I hope to see all of you next time!


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6 years 10 months ago #137793 by Playaveli
Hey everyone!

It s been another great Sensible Days event which we ve been to.
First of all, a big thanks to Hawkz and Bromberg. From a viewpoint of organizing you did an excellent job. As djowGer said, you made it so easy for us , in every possible way (location support, tournament setup, bungalows, food...). At no point I had a feeling of being stressed by anything. Infact, it felt like Sensible (Holi)days! :)
Also thank you to the rest of the Hungarian crew for helping wherever they could.

@Hawkz: Your excel sheet for Amiga/PC/Classic is just amazing! One could see you are quite familiar with this kind of stuff... Brilliant!
The magazine got some nice little extras! Very enjoyable to read. And the magnet for the fridge is just neat! Thank you for that!

It was nice to see some new faces, from France, Romania, Poland, Austria (ruhbi) and of course the Hungarians, Szeszesesesesek (...still cannot pronounce it ;D ) and Abelxavier. You are really great people.

Thanks to my German mates (+ lobo/dior) for spending 2 nice days in Budapest ahead of the tournaments.

PC retrospective:
- djowGer and Mladen on a killing spree in group stage, 75 and 76 goals... my oh my! ;D Sanek won the group D ahead of djowger, with less than the half of goals scored!
- my own playa2.tac experiment failed! Went back to playa1 in supergroup, worked better then! Went out on 119th minute by Bomb... :D Damn, penalties would have been cool...
- andib, congrats for your performance on PC, you played an amazing tournament. For me, you will always be a pot-1 guy now. Seemed like you embraced the PC version, in every gameplay detail!
- m.c.t. back in old 2007-form! silent... but deadly! Bad luck to meet Mladen in first KO-stage!
- AndYpsilon saving the German honor, being 2nd place in MASTER group and reaching semis! Well done!!
- DoTa reaching 3rd place in group stage on his debut! Much respect for that!

Last but not least, Blazej... A consistent run to the title, managing to keep the dropdowns low (e.g., 2-3 vs. bomb in QF). You didn t show the playing skill brilliance of last year, but you kept it together and got the right mindset to strike back in the important moments. Much respect!

AMIGA retrospective:
- djowGer on a killing spree, yet AGAIN! ;D 65 goals...
- lobo winning the group ahead of Blazej! The machine was on temperature!
- Of course, andib and abelxavier... Guys, you both didn t want to be first placed?? Penalities to decide a group-outcome... LOL! HAHA! :D
- About myself, I think I played my best Amiga matches since a long time... reaching the final after 2009, again. Really happy with my performance. Maybe was a little over-motivated in the final, resulting in two early penalties for Blazej to kill the game.
- DoTa winning a great paprika final vs. Paider!
- bomb vs. Sanek in LAST 16... what an amazing battle!

Last but not least (again), Blazej... same as on PC, you didn t play with brilliance (compared to last year), but with mentality (e.g., you almost went down 0-3 vs. Micha in first KO, but instead ended 1-2). Despite the penalties, you played a flawless first final leg. There is no doubt about your status as the world s best player!
In Germany, we say: The best horse only jumps the height it really needs to!


CLASSIC retrospective:
- Great moments in there... best atmosphere match Schulle vs. Dior ! That was very intense. We need more moments like this, again!
- Very happy to win it as my 11th Sensible Days title!

Hope to see you all next year, wherever it may be!



Rankings will follow this evening... Stay tuned!

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6 years 10 months ago #137796 by Hawkz
Hey everyone,

please find the link to the photos what I was gathering from the professional photographer, from AbelXavier, Szeszesek and from myself. :) Enjoy!!AhrnF582tMj7g29U8tyHrXSXwIkZ

I m currently uploading the videos to youtube, will let you know, when I have finished them.

The summary from our side will follow! ;)



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6 years 10 months ago #137797 by Playaveli
Amazing pictures! :)
I ve added them to our Facebook album: album_id=1388860371191713

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6 years 10 months ago #137798 by Playaveli
Rankings updated!


Note: Both rankings were heavily inflated by bonus SRN from many years! Micha and me decided to do the same as we did for the online ranking (which had the same inflation -problem):Bisecting everyone s SRN.
After that, tournament stats have been inserted. No bonus given!
Now we are back into value ranges of ELO, from 0-2000 on average (see wikipedia for more info).


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6 years 10 months ago #137800 by Hawkz
Sensi Days 2017 videos

Sensible Days 2017 - Opening Ceremony + start of the PC draw


Sensible Days 2017 - PC Final - Blazej vs. Andib (Part 1)


Sensible Days 2017 - PC Final - Blazej vs. Andib (Part 2)


Sensible Days 2017 - Medal Ceremony PC


Sensible Days 2017 - Amiga Paprika Cup Final - DoTa vs. Paider


Sensible Days 2017 - Amiga Final - Blazej vs. Playaveli


Sensible Days 2017 - Medal Ceremony Amiga


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6 years 10 months ago - 6 years 10 months ago #137803 by AndYpsilon
Big thanks to the Hungarian community - perfect organization and once again a fantastic Sensi Days magazine.

Personal Highlights:

- awesome atmosphere during the Classic Sensi match between Dior and Schulle
- Abelxavier representing Team Hungary in Top 8 of Amigia
- Big Team Serbia back on the tour - we need the Sensi Days in this part of Europe to make sure as many Serbian and Hungarian players join as possible
- Dennis (and girlfriend) defending the honor of Team Bulgaria
- Playaveli with a big run in the AMIGA tournament (die FLEX lief rund und war im Finale kurz überhitzt)
- Blazej doing something noone thought ever to be possible - congratz again for this achievement
- my 4 matches against bobbiebobras during PC tournament: So close and intense fights but always a fair and friendly atmosphere: Great polish sportsman!
- party before the days with Lobo, Dior, Schulle, Klinki and Paider
- Klinki teaching Klaris girlfriend how to drink beer :D

Ofc congratz to all the medal winners (Foka, you deserved the 3rd place on PC by scoring some fantastic long distance goals!).

See many of you next year - at the latest!

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