Jon's Fave Fives;)

13 years 2 months ago #65601 by Zafer
Jon's Fave Fives;) was created by Zafer
I wasn t sure if it s appropriate so I got Jon s permission on Facebook to share them with you:

5 favorite rock bands

Pink Floyd, Barclay James Harvest, black sabbath, Supertramp and AC/DC.

Five Greatest Guitarists

David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix, alex lifeson, Steve Hillage and Brian May.

Favorite Animals!!

fox, dragonfly, mountain goat, Wild Boar and European or Brown Hare.

Top Five People I Want To Punch In The Face

Tony Blair, Davina McCall, Graham Norton, Cristiano Ronaldo and Whoopi Goldberg.

5 Favorite Birds

Green Woodpecker, Seagull, Wood Pigeon, Kestrel and grey heron.

My favorite cities

Nice, New York, ISTANBUL, Kiev and London.

Favorite Countries

Slovenia, Ukraine, Spain, United States of America and Turkey.

books you love

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Complicity, The Empty Chair, The Alchemist and Angels Demons.

favorite beers

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Kingfisher , Black Sheep Ale, Grolsch Premium Lager and Wherry.

Favorite Sports Teams (he says so many football teams to choose from after norwich.... but i think these are my top ones... arsenal were my childhood team... and my top filght favourites, since we nosedived into oblivion.... come on you yellows)

Norwich City, England Cricket Team, Real Madrid, cameroon national team and Arsena

best albums of all time

Everyone Is Everybody Else, Wish You Were Here, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Hunky Dory and You.

best tv shows

Blackadder, Soccer Saturday, The Young Ones, Superstars and The Apprentice (UK Version).

Favorite movies of all time

Pulp Fiction, Pan s Labyrinth, Apocalypto, Bad Boy Bubby and The Raggedy Rawney.

5 Games I ve worked on

Sensible World of Soccer, Cannon Fodder, Wizball, Mega Lo Mania [Amiga] and Real World Golf For Gametrak.

Five Toys That Most Remind You of Your Childhood

Subbuteo, soft toys, football, buckaroo and Monopoly.

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13 years 2 months ago #65609 by Zafer
Replied by Zafer on topic Re: Jon's Fave Fives;)
He capitalized Istanbul btw, not me;)

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