FLCH (Friendly League Changes History) Rules

World Cup edition


Gatifun & xflea


Team assignment is according to SRN ranking at the moment of the assignment. The lowest SRN player is Player 1 for the assignment, the lowest-but-one player is Player 2 for the assignment, and so on. Each player gets 2 teams for the tournament (pairs of teams are preconfigured for Player 1, Player 2, and so on - see FLCH - team assignments), so eg. in case of Russia 2018 the tournament is for 16 players.


All matches are played in the same configuration as the real-life tournaments (group matches and KO seeds). KO matches are 1 LEG + ET + PEN.


All phases of the tournament have a determined deadline. In the ultimate case where Players do not play their matches within those deadlines, organizers can decide the score based on the number of matches completed by those Players or the activity in seeking their opponents.



In case 2 teams of 1 Player meet in KO (possible in quaterfinals at earliest) the Player chooses to play this KO against one of the organizers (Gatifun or xflea). Then the Player chooses one of his 2 teams he will be playing in that KO and his opponent (Gatifun or xflea) gets the other team. The possible outcomes are:
1. the Player wins = he advances with the team he played
2. the Player loses = he advances with the team his opponent played


If you have any questions regarding the rules, ask Gatifun or xflea in Discord.