20/21 season update

20/21 season, BRING IT ON!!! 💾🌍⚽️🕹

Here is the first BIG load of updates for you, including all of Europe (leagues* and national teams!!), as well as many other leagues around the world. On a second wave in December/January, you’ll be supplied with the rest of the world.

* League sizes have been updated to reflect reality (e.g. Italian Serie A now has 20 teams!)

Looking for AMIGA HDF/whd? Not quite there yet… will come with the rest of the world around Dec/Jan! 

Thanks for your patience.

Again, it was a huge team effort in very difficult times.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, everybody involved (check the „About“ menu for credits)!


@2020-11-24 01:10:21 by Playaveli


BIG THANKS, friends!
@2020-11-24 20:13:46 by alpino