Major Website Change

The Online League Season of October 2019 will be the last Season with the current Community Website Interface. I made a lot of tests for having an unique responsive plattform for website and forum the last years and now it comes to an end.

Forum and Website will be merged at the end of October 2019. So we will have a small downtime from 29th to 31st. This time Online League Season will be a bit shorter than usual.

The new Website will be a mix of former retro elements and some faster responsive web-technologies. There will be also a lot more statistic functions, which may be used on all devices.

The new system has been developed as a component of JOOMLA CM System. So if there are more communities interested in having a complete ranking and tournament system, they can use JOOMLA and this new component for it.

Just ask ElMichaJ for it.

@2019-10-07 13:17:21 by ElMichaJ