Review Sensible Days 2020


It was not easy to decide if we do this event with all this changing circumstances. But the Organizers did a great job and cared for all things, we need. The Location and all safety instructions were planned and done very well.

Its was not a normal Sensible Days, it was number 17, with a lot of troubles around until the final date. But now it is over and it was a very nice experience.

We were not so much players (19)  like the last years (30 to 50). So we used it also for some experiments in tournament styles:


First we played three groups in DIY Leaugue mode, then we did a Master and a Super group with 9 / 10 players, which played a league in friendlies.

After league stages we did the first KO Round. The loser of that went to the Cucumber Cup, the Winner played for the title.

It was the first time we played AMIGA on the first day!

AMIGA SWOS Tournament


This time we have tried something completly new. We were 17 Players and had 5 working PCs. So we dediced to play one big league with friendly matches. It was very fast like only 6 hours.

Every player had to play 16 matches with 2 legs. Sometimes players did 8 matches in a row. So there was not much time for a break, because it was nearly always possible to play.

After that we made the KOs in the same way like on Amiga and we ended the tournament right before 22:00. It was just crazy for a PC tournament.

PC SWOS Tournament


This tournament we played in classic KO mode. But this time DZEM was the winner!

Classic Sensi


It was a strange and a nice feeling to play this event and talking a lot about SWOS to blow all last weeks away.

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Thanks, Micha, for this nice review!
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