05/20 Season Review

The May 2020 Online League Season has finished. So again it is time for some fame:

League Winner
Champions League bobbiebobras
ISSF Cup assura
Amiga Super League bobbiebobras
Czech League Snorri
Euroleague Tim
Serie A Gabriel
Iberian League nunoportugaln
UK Premier League ManchesterMan82
Extraklasa bobbiebobras
Deutsche Sensibleliga AndYpsilon
Turkish Sensible League CocaCola


The ASL now has a sixth league. It was very long time ago that we had this state! Welcome to all our new and old players!

There were so many players in Iberian League, that we splitted it again into spanish and portuguese.

MVP of May 2020 : bobbiebobras

@2020-06-02 09:13:34 by ElMichaJ


Bobbie wins the treble!! What a month!
@2020-06-03 21:59:32 by Playaveli