Stephen Smith passed away

We are devastated and deeply saddened to hear about the passing of our friend Stephen Smith aka SensibleSWOS!

Rest in peace, Steve! You will be dearly missed...

Your input to the community will never be forgotten!

@2020-03-17 16:42:00 by Playaveli


Thanks for everything !
Unfortunately we never met in real life. Rest in peace...
@2020-03-31 01:05:26 by Spacelag

Thanks for all, Stee
I was the leader of the Swos 2000 project and in that days me and Stephen were chatting each other everyday. He made such a great contribute with the info about players and leagues. I remember he was never perfectly healthy. Goodbye and thank you Steve...
@2020-03-23 16:44:23 by AmintaSwos

Rest in peace
@2020-03-21 13:13:54 by Redhair

Sad new
Rest in Peace!
@2020-03-17 23:32:48 by Gabriel

@2020-03-17 20:54:30 by cinek

oh je
rest in peace dear friend
@2020-03-17 17:52:06 by ElMichaJ