March 2020 Event Preview

A new online season with ASL, Itallian, Iberian, Czech, Polish, German, Euroleauge and ISSF Cups will start in March. But there will be also three other interesting events.

First we try to setup a new XBOX Online League, after SWOS for XBOX is able to be played also on older XBOX Systems. We have created an XBOX Discord Channel and wait for new applications to the event. So lets reactivate this Online Ranking. The deadline for the Cup will be end of month and players can join until middle of March.

To Register for the 1st Xbox Cup use this link:

Offline SWOS is the best fun you can get, and we have two offline Cups in March in Randers(DK) and Rotterdam(Netherlands).

The Danish Event will take place at Randers, the location of a really nice SWOS Elite Group around Djowger, Klaris, Andib and Spir. It will be played on original Amigas. 

Date will be the 14th of March. Just contact the Danish Crew mentioned above in Discord.

In Rotterdam there will be played in a nice Pub. There will be an amateur and a pro series. You can also just watch and cheer if you want.

SWOS 2020 will be used for it. For more details check this link:


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