Berlin Crew Training Sessions in Offline OOO

There were created two offline rankings for playing some small sessions with 2 to 4 players, when the real ranking should not be touched, but games should count.

Bomb, Kindel and ElMichaJ played two sessions on PC Offline at Kindels place. First tournament (and second of course) was dominated by Bomb. But Kindel showed some surprising skills and set ElMichaJ to the third place. It was a nice practice session for the next week in the Eifel, where the biggest german tournament on PC will be played.

We also played a tournament with nation teams which sould also count for the ranking. The new tournament administration allows to play tournaments with teams of different strengths, so that new players could join the tournaments without having too much losts.

The first real test worked fine. So I would like to see more players which enter their results in AMIGA or PC Offline OOO rankings, when they do session with only 2 or 3 players.

Just ask ElMichaJ in Chat how it works.

@2019-11-24 14:01:08 by ElMichaJ


der war echt gut drauf :) und das Zielwasser wirkte
@2019-11-26 17:25:32 by ElMichaJ

Cool new function for training sessions, good job Micha! And Kindelooney back to old strength? Highest time!
@2019-11-25 08:44:43 by AndYpsilon