SWOS 2020 Online Multiplayer - Release

A new era of Online SWOS is about to begin… Join us on SUNDAY, Dec. 11th, 6pm CET (5pm UK) to celebrate and play the new version.

- GGPO rollback netcode, tailored to SWOS
- Minimized input delay (it's smooth & playable globally!)
- Match making fully integrated into the game
- Game Lobby with chat
- AMIGA & DOS gameplay modes supported
- 96/97 & latest database playable (incl. custom teams), and there is more to come!
- Highlights & Replays auto-saved
- Chat on pitch
- Freely selectable commentary & sound fx
- Full match stats auto-reported to Discord
- Live ticker of every match on Discord

They think it’s all over… It is now!!!

@2022-12-07 03:47:00 by Playaveli