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Sporting Clube de Portugal

Hey mates,
it thought it interesting to share our favorite club's best XVI, keeping with the Sensible Soccer format.

I'll kick off with mine, Sporting Clube de Portugal.
A team with a rich history, great players, and legendary youth academies.

1 - Vitor Damas

2 - César Prates

(Can't find a good video unfortunately, but here's one of his many goals)

3 - André Cruz

4 - Luisinho

5 - Hilário

6 - Oceano

7 - Figo

8 - Nani

9 - Ronaldo

10 - Balakov

11 - Peyroteo

12 - Peter Schmeichel

13 - Beto

14 - Emmanuel Amunike

15 - Bruno Fernandes

16 - Liedson

Special Mentions to too many players, including, Futre, Paulo Sousa, Pedro Barbosa, Paulo Bento, Marcos Rojo, Mathieu, Ricardo, Rui Patrício, Valckx, Naybet, Yazalde, Marco Aurélio, Simão, William, Quaresma, De Franceschi, Rui Jordão, Manuel Fernandes, Vasques, Jesus Correia, Travassos, Albano, Yordanov, Cherbakov, Vukcevic, João Vieira Pinto, Mário Jardel, Duscher, Sá Pinto, etc.
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