Sensible Days 2023 - Rules Discussion

1 month 1 week ago #146487 by ElMichaJ
Because its a bit risky with time we will start quite early and try to end before midnight.

Group Stage.
  • This time we wont play a diy. We will play friendly leagues of 2 players, so both matches close together
  • Red Cards and Injuries will only count for that 2 player leagues
  • match schedule will be generated by website
  • There will be only one group stage
  • we will try to have 8 groups of 6 or 7 players
  • first 4 places go to KO tree with fixed places and ko way
  • place 5 to last will go to "Steckrübencup"
  • fixed bracket with maximum of 32 players
  • quarter finals will be played each after
  • rounds before will be played simultanous

Hey Hey Hey .... El Micha J !!!

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