Different difficulty between AMIGA version, and PC version (played in AMIGA way)

4 weeks 2 days ago #142896 by verdealex79
Hi, I remember having read somewhere in this forum, that this beautiful PC version of SWOS 2020 should play as the old SWOS 96/97, concerning the difficulty... giving you the choice between AMIGA difficulty and PC DOS difficulty.

Now: i played SWOS in those years, and when I got this version i tried to play on PC in AMIGA mode, difficulty normal. I was crushed by the AI; I am even now after a month of practice, I cant score a goal for ages and get loads of goals from AI. Honestly, I didnt remember it to be so difficult.

Since I am deep in emulation, for a nostalgia trip I loaded the old original SWOS 96/97 for Amiga and played the AI with WinUAE. To my surprise, while playing 96/97 teams of similar skill against team of similar skill (as I did on PC SWOS2020), I suddenly scored lots of goals and get much fewer than on SWOS2020 for PC. Enormously different difficulty!
I thought "well who knows, there have been so many versions of SWOS for Amiga... maybe I am not playing the last one, on which SWOS2020 is based".

So I got the .hdf version of 2020 and loaded it in WinUAE. This MUST play the same as the PC version of 2020, right?

Wrong! If I play SWOS 2020 on Amiga WinUAE, the difficulty is the same of original SWOS 96/97 on Amiga which I previously tried! I score a lot and win lots of matches.... And I tried playing the EXACT same match (same teams) on PC SWOS2020 and WinUAE SWOS2020!

So please tell me: you guys tweaked the difficulty in the PC version, right? Because I am the same person of the same skill when I play Amiga version of SWOS2020 and PC version of SWOS2020, but in AMIGA i see enormously different difficulty!

Its not a problem, to be honest... Its like having two possibilities instead of one... but I am curious to understand how it can be, since you always said that PC version (in Amiga mode) and Amiga version should play the same, and that PC code was taken should bring the experience of the last available version.... I tried both normal version and total pack version, but no matter what, PC versions are bloody difficult and different from Amiga version.

Thank you, great work!
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4 weeks 2 days ago - 4 weeks 2 days ago #142901 by captaincofresi
The way I see it, is that with AmigaSWOS (WinUAE) and SWOS2020 you now have 5 different difficulty levels:
  • SWOS2020: PC DOS - Normal
  • SWOS2020: PC - DOS - Expert (using Mozg's tactics for both player / cpu teams)
  • AmigaSWOS (WinUAE) - Normal (well you don't really have a choice there)
  • SWOS2020: Amiga - Normal
  • SWOS2020: Amiga - Expert (using Mozg's tactics for both player / cpu teams)

I started about 4 years ago with the Amiga version using the AmigaSWOS program that also uses WinUAE in offline mode and played some online matches. As I was used to the PC DOS version, this was a whole new game to me. The pitches seemed larger and the goalies AI was way way better than on the PC DOS version I used to play. I do remember 'standard 100% scoring positions vs cpu' on the PC DOS version. So generally speasking playing Amiga is harder than PC DOS.

Although what I noticed is that using the SWOS2020 Amiga Expert mode, it did not only change the tactics. It seems that the goalies behave differently and keep out more goals than usual. I compared it also to the AmigaSWOS program with WinUAE, I also noticed it was much easier to score goals in that program than it is in the new SWOS2020 Total Pack. Already posted it on the forum, untill now no reply on that though. I guess they are hard at work behind the scenes. It's a wonderfull package they made and I enjoy it very much .:woohoo:

So I do agree with you that it does seem that there is another layer of AI difficulty added comparing AmigaSWOS (WinUAE) and SWOS2020 in Amiga mode.

I would love to be able to compare it better with my DIY training league, where I have a league of 4 of the best 16/17 teams (using coach) and my Brazil 96/97 team. The problem is that the Tactics I now made in SWOS2020 Amiga-Expert mode are not compatible to be used in AmigaSWOS (WinUEA), it says it cannot load them due to a different SWOS version. So until that is fixed, I cannot really test this. Also already posted it on the forum a couple of weeks back, also no reply on that though. Just hope they are hard at work behind the scenes.

All there is to say that I do enjoy the brutal difficulty of the Amiga - Expert mode very much :) . Played three seasons in the Premier League with Liverpool: 3rd / 71pts; 10th 51pts; 10th 44pts. Although the first season I did save a lot ;) . Now in the 4th season and figuring out how to make my own brandnew tactic work the best. So loads of Kudos to the SWOS2020 team!
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4 weeks 1 day ago #142913 by adrianozzo
Previously I played Amiga Swos and scored a lot of goals shooting diagonally just inside the box. Now in Swos 2020 with game style Amiga it's almost impossible, goalkeeper and defenders are so much stronger. PC DOS mode is kinda strange, the ball feels heavier and the players are slower, maybe that's why you feel the pitch larger

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4 weeks 1 day ago - 3 weeks 3 days ago #142917 by captaincofresi
Thanks, it's about the same here. In Amiga Swos most of my diagonal curved in/out shots just inside / outside the box went in. Mostly with players with the (F) Finish and (V) Velocity / strong shot stats from team Brazil 96/97. In the Amiga Expert mode, it is much harder to score these goals, although they do go in sometimes.

So it seems I went up two difficulty levels too quickly from Amiga SWOS to the SWOS 2020 Amiga Expert mode, while I could have gone only one difficulty level up with the SWOS 2020 Amiga Normal mode. Still, I do like a bit of a challenge, and with making new tactics I can't really go back now ;) .

EDIT: Well it seems that there is a huge difference between the goalis AI / cpu strength in AmigaSWOS and playing SWOS 2020 in Amiga mode. Even in Normal Mode, I often have about 12 good shots on target (both with F/V stats) with very stong players with Liverpool and they don't go in, while a weak opponnent gets 2 shots on target and 2 goals in the whole match. The goalies AI has been made far far more difficult in SWOS 2020 Amiga mode and the strikers for the cpu seem very strong somehow. And that's not only on Away matches, since I do know Sensi does give an advantage to the Home team.
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