VIEW RESULT / most important skill - experiment & analysis

3 years 1 month ago - 3 years 1 month ago #144322 by Playaveli
On one of my recent streams I did some kind of experiment after people asked on Facebook:

- what is the most important skill?
- how is VIEW RESULT calculated?

I made 7 teams:
- each team had all skills set to zero, except their team name skill which was maxed out (7)

I simulated a league, with 4 legs. I did that 4 times. (DIY file is attached!!)

1. TACKLING = 41,5 points average
2. PASSING = 37,25 points average
3. SPEED = 35,5 points average
4. HEADING = 28,75 points average
5. FINISHING = 28,25 points average
6. CONTROL = 22,25 points average
7. VELOCITY = 15,25 points average

Start watching from 27:23 min:

It is save to say that TACKLING is the most important skill in the game when it comes to VIEW RESULT!
Followed by PASSING & SPEED.
FINISHING, HEADING and CONTROL fall behind. VELOCITY is by far the least important skill in this game for VIEW RESULT purposes.

It is safe to say: Look for players with TSP/STP skill sets if you are a VIEW RESULT nerd!

Thoughts on this one? Share them... and if you have ideas for other experiments.
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3 years 1 month ago #144329 by Bomb
Nice experiment. Would be interesting to max all values but the one specific. E.g. So one team with SPEED 0, one with VELOCITY 0 etc.

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