Sensible Days 2016 - Save Disk Topic

7 years 6 months ago - 7 years 6 months ago #134945 by Playaveli
Great job, andib! This could be the first time, the save disc will be 100% ready, really BEFORE the tournament. :)
Also, thanks to everybody for sending in teams/tactics ON time, rather than being lazy with it...

What is strange to me, is that R. Cofresi (Ronaldo) doesn t have the 5 star rating, and has FSV stats instead of FHS , I assumed the Brazil from the original 96/97 Sensi would be used, so it would all be the same. Just wondering what database to use, so I do practice with the right team for me. The team still looks okay and fast, albeit a little different.

FSV is Tulio (4 stars), not Ronaldo (4,5 stars, FHS).

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