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17 years 7 months ago #13787 by Addictive Football
What's it all about then? was created by Addictive Football
Addictive Football is a new PC game that we are developing. It s gameplay style leans towards the classics such as Sensible Soccer and Kick Off.

It s a good old fashioned football game based on the 5-a-side rules and featuring a number of made up pub teams. As it s 5-a-side it means there is no offside, throw-ins and the ball can t go out of the main play area. There will also be no fouls in the game!! Yep, that s right, you can t slide tackle your opponent or take his legs. You ll have to try and win the ball from your opponents. This was a decision made at the very start of development as we wanted an extremely fast paced footy game where the action never slowed or stopped.

Addictive Football will be a simple footy game (with a lot of charm) that everyone can play. With minimal controls and minimal menu screens - it s how the great football games of yesteryear were.

Expected release date is now early November 2006. However, this will be a continuing project for us as we keep on adding to the game to improve it. We hope that with a great community behind the game we can achieve an excellent football game that everyone can enjoy.

Big thanks to all the guys who have allowed Addictive Football to be featured in these forums - cheers!

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