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2 Player Fun Cup was created by HairFU
Today Gatifun and me try something we never have try out so far. The question was, what can you do if you want to made a Fun Cup, but only have two players?
One League with 2 players and play 8 times? NO

Instead we made a DIY-Cup with 8 teams and start with quarterfinal.

The slogan was:
"You allways play your team and if your team play vs another team of you, you play the team that is higher on your own ranking and the other player plays the team that is lower on your own ranking."

1st we choose the teams:

Then we let SWOS drawn a quarterfinal:
From here we choose our teams.
A - Real Madrid
B - FC Porto
C - Manchester United
D - Red Stars

A - Ajax Amsterdam
B - FC Nantes
C - Juventus
D - Dortmund

Quarterfinal was played:

In Semifinal it was:
Real vs. Nantes
Dortmund vs. Juventus

As Dortmund and Juventus was a team of HairFU, we had to check the Ranking that was made before. As Juventus was on C and Dortmund was on D of HairFU's Ranking, HairFU had to play with Juventus and Gatifun played with the lower ranked team of Dortmund.

Semifinal was played:

So in Final it was Nantes vs. Juventus. Even if Nantes was lower on skill level then Juventus, the ranking showed that Nantes was team B of HairFU's Ranking and Juventus was Team C of the same ranking. So HairFU had to play with Nantes and Gatifun played with Juventus.

And finally the tournament was done:

It was a fun experiment. We booth enjoyed it and it is a good method to play a fun cup with 2 players.

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