After being unavailable for a week we managed to sort things out. It's back.

Enjoy the game! Just make sure to have an original copy of SWOS on your hard drive.

SWOS 2020 is currently unavailable! We are sorry for any inconvenience.
As of now, we cannot say when or if it will be available again. But we are definitely working on it!

In the hot Summertime we dont have very much played games on website. But it is a nice time window to upgrade some website functions.

The Starting Page is now a bit faster, also we have now the possibility to include tables and results from external websites.

For our Online League we have now a better season overview.

It is also possible to save your map coordinates and your player shirtstyle when you are logged in.

Just checkout these links :)

There are only a few days left in our two month summer season. After an hot summer it is time now to finish our open matches.

Please play your matches in ASL, National Leageus and ISSF KO Rounds. The Qualifiers for the next ISSF Cups Season will be not only determined by Points of Players ins Cup, it also depends a bit on players number in each association. This flexible rule will be active when big leagues have only a small amount of played matches. So please play your matches for your association.

There will be an ASL Cup next week on Thursday evening. We will start also a new J-Communtity Cup in September, so better be ranked in ranking (by league, ooo or one day cup games).

We will start also a new Online Fun Cup Series in September for more nice thrilling matches besides our standard cups and leagues.

In early days of the website we had a map with all locations of each member who told where he lives.

Now it is possible again. It was not that easy to develop, but now it is possible that you can enter Longitude and Altitude in your Profile Settings.

Every member who has done this, will be shown on the map. Feel free to do it, but it is not a must. We dont use function for getting your location automaticially. If you want to share, you have to do it.

The main idea is that we could find neighbors for SWOS in each country to play some offline SWOS, which is still the best feeling.

After quarantine this should help you to SWOS with friends not only online.