We are devastated by the passing of our long time friend, member, tournament organizer and fellow SWOS fan Peter "Paider" Schlierf.


His dedication and passion for SWOS will always be an inspiration.
Our thoughts are with his family & close friends! 

Peter, you will be missed dearly. It will never be the same without you! We can't believe you're no longer with us...

Finally, the AMIGA version of season 22/23 is ready. Again, I would like to thank my team of data updaters!
Special thanks go to ztronzo of AmigaLive.

(AMIGA SWOS 22/23 - whdload release.)

(AMIGA SWOS 22/23 - HDF release. Boots the game from hard drive, but requires a floppy disk to save.)

(AMIGA SWOS 22/23 - ADF disks release. This version does not support career mode. Thanks to commodorecollection.com)

Release notes:
- Some leagues had to be resize because of limitations within the game
- Wherever possible, leagues reflect reality of 22/23
- Player 2 (Port 0) has been disabled again, by default

I have made a video for SWOS 2020 online beginners how they are able to practice their attacking style and shooting goals.

SWOS 2020 has a great feature, which makes it possible to practice with your team and tactic against just one goal keeper (or more)