Finally, the last bugs are solved. SWOS whdload 2.3 is ready. JOTD did an amazing job!
Get the installer here:

Here is SWOS 96/97 whdload 2.3 ready for you to download:

Please report back if you experience any issues. Thank you!

Congratulations to thd79 and Sinnesloeschen for scoring the GOALS OF THE YEAR 2023. Stunners...

Oh yes... the wait is over! SWOS for the AMIGA is back with yet another season update.

There are a few things to note about this update:
- career start year is set to 23/24
- league sizes reflect reality wherever possible
- all subs have been set to 5/5

Notes: Recommended version, works 100% in career mode. 2MB Fast mem required!
Saving requires a floppy disk in DF0! Here is one with some useful SWOS content. No bugs.

Notes: Might crash in career mode with certain accelerators.
Old tactic loading bug is still present.

Same as HDF version, just in a ZIP file.


The year 2023 has seen some absolutely AMAZING goals... it's tim for the show down...
which one is the GREATEST GOAL of 2023?

Voting open until Jan. 31st!


: December 9, 2023  
Location: Belgrade Fair, Hall 1, Belgrade, Serbia
PC SWOS Tournament

Thanks to some good people, the organizers of  - Games and pop culture festival 2023 - Games.con , we are thrilled that after a long, long pause we can invite you to a Serbian SWOS tournament!
Whether you're a seasoned player or a rookie this event promises true camaraderie, unforgettable moments and nostalgia.

This will be a laid-back, casual tournament with accent on getting together after so many years to talk, share memories and play SWOS ofc.
Players who are close to us (CRO, BIH, MN, HUN, BG, RO) or just happen to pass by in December maybe you should start planning a visit to Belgrade! 

- To secure your spot, contact or sign up in a comment below.
Entry Fee:
- Access to the tournament is free but it would be good to know if you are participating in advanced (ASAP)