Euroleague and (rest of the) World League

Our Community has different types of online leagues where players may take part.


This league is open to everyone who wants to play online. All players may join here. You will start in the lowest league and each season you have the possibility to get promoted or relegated.

Its called the Amiga Super League. You will only need a website account and ask for participation in our discord chat. Some of our admins will take care of it.

Friendly and Fun Cups and Leagues

We also have some specialized leagues with own custom rules (like special teams or tactics)

National Leagues and ISSF

We rebuild some kind of leagues structure as we have in the real UEFA world. There are national leagues like Poland, Czech, Italy and UK. But we have also some joint ventures like the Iberian League (Spain and Portugal) and the German (speaking) league with Germany and Austria. In former times we had also an Euroleague, where all players from the other countries could take part, when they did not get enough players for an own league.

So if you actually dont have an own national league, just ask elmichaj and i will add you to the euroleague (or new Rest of the World League).

We now have active players from America, Asia and Africa. So feel free to ask elmichaj in Discord when you want to play a "national" league besides the official ASL.

Euroleauge and Worldleague will also have qualifier places to get into Champions League and ISSF Cup.


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