Summer 2022 Season Review

The Summer 2022 Online League Season has finished. So again it is time for some fame:

League Winner
Champions League ilcignodz
ISSF Cup Brummy
Amiga Super League Yashalkok
Czech League finaipepe
Serie A Yashalkok
Iberian League Julen
UK Premier League thd79
Extraklasa xflea

NEW LEAGUE for tactic fans

September 2022 will be the first season of a new user-organized (Zafer) online league: The Amiga Premium League!

What makes Amiga Super League different is there are no restrictions whatsoever, you can be completely new or you can be number 1 in the global ranking, if you dare, you can join the premium league. The use of custom tactic feature is also completely free in the APL, but absolutely nothing is mandatory. No relegations, no promotions. Just adrenaline. Another feature that makes APL the right place for the daring is that SRN is multiplied by 2, so you either win big or lose big In a way, it’s like playing two seasons in a month! Are you up for the challenge? Welcome to a new level of fun!

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