Russia Journal 24th – First edition – Ridiculous Japan with happy manager Gatifun, How the hell?

by Gatifun & bill_bill

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Russia Journal 24th – First edition –

Gatifun seems happy but he got 7 cucumbers on his net!!!

1) Manager Gatifun, harakiri is rounding your body, general strike on your country, big bet dealers are threating you. Why that stupid and idiot smile on your face?



Well, did you read 21th edition of this jounal?

I’m so so happy, never enjoyed as I did with my crew…

2) And what about your match? Really Djowger’s Costa Rica played so good to score 7 times?

After last flight, I took some wrong steps: I sent players to another stadium for example. Fortunately, they could get the correct place by running due to the traffic jam. Don’t get that angry at me, everyone could have a mistake, couldn’t they? They are young men, doesn’t matter…

3) Tsubasa has been very upset. He really hoped you team was going to make it. Costa rica didn’t seem a very strong rival. Do you feel a complete failure by yourself?

No no no, I didn’t failure at all. Stats show Japan played very well, see them, I shooted 31 times, and Djowger only 1 far shoot. No once can understand how he scored 7 goals.

Mister, these aren’t stats, you are reading and old calendar, mate!

Ah, then, hmmmm, well, how could I tell it, better I run away!!!

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