High Voltage on SWOS Clan Wars

Congratulations to AndYpsilon and Schulle with team HIGH VOLTAGE for winning the Clan League. This time there were no national borders. There was a free choice of team members.

Sadly not all matches were made, but still it was a very interesting Cup to watch.

We will start another Editions of Nation and Clan Leagues in January.

Results and Standings

@2020-12-14 15:58:27 by ElMichaJ


So cool!!
Congrats High Voltage!!! Rock on!! And really nice tournament, Micha! :)
@2020-12-15 01:37:33 by Playaveli

Great tounery!
Playing in a team makes it even more interesting, I'm looking forward for next one. Up UP ElMichaJ
@2020-12-14 20:17:37 by gatifun