Team Cups and ISSF Stats

It is now possible to create tournament with team aspects. The first try was the issf ranking for issf cups, where all points of each association are summed up for the ranking, to find out how many players will qualify from national leagues to the issf cups.

the green marker shows points of each association for each season. The average of all association points divided through number of association players is the deciding number.

The averages of the last five seasons counted togehter create the most important number which decides about 1,2 or 3 places in issf cup or champions league.

If a national league has more qualifiers than active players, other leagues will get the left places choosen by ranking place in this table. If your association has 5 qualifier places , but your league has only 4 players, then only top 3 goes to issf. The two left places goes to the others then. Not everyone may qualifiy of a national league. There must be at least one losing position.

For the next weeks we have planned some Thursday Clan Cups. People are free to register. Teams will be created in the minutes before tournament start, but you can also setup a fix team with your friends.

The first Clan Cup was won by Bomb and ElMichaJ as East Germany. We will see which team will win the next cup.

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