September Season has started with new J-Cup

The Summer Season 2020 is over and we will post another article about the results. Now the September Season has started with a lot of matches in a shorter time.  started with 6 leagues again, with 73 players at the moment.

After finishing the last J Community Cup with winner Assura we have started a new community Cup with 120 players. The first round will end at end of september (30th).

These matches are not mandatory, but it would be nice to have as much active players as possible.

All other national leagues and ISSF Cups also have restarted.

For ISSF Cups there is now a ranking table for all active leagues, so you can see how many players will qualify for next ISSF season. But sometimes these numbers can differ, when not enough players are active in the national league.

@2020-09-03 09:08:40 by ElMichaJ