ISSF Places for Summer Season 2020

The Summer Season will be two months (July and August). So we will try a longer format for ISSF Cups, which are closer to reality.

There will be 16 places for Champions League and 16 places for ISSF Cup.

First month will be played the group stage with 4 groups of 4 players, where best two of each group qualify for KOs. The second month there will be played the quarters, semis and finals.

I will also setup a system for counting players points for an association/country ranking for this ISSF places.

But first we will start with an initial setup which mixes size, skill and activity of each association.

Association CL ISSF
Italy 2 2
Poland 2 2
Spain 2 2
Germany 2 2
Czech 2 2
Portugal 1 1
Turkey 2 2
UK 2 2
Euro 1 1

If there is a national Cup, the winner is qualified for ISSF Cup. If this winner is already qualified for Championsleague, the ISSF Cup place goes to next placed in league.

@2020-06-30 08:34:56 by ElMichaJ