Q Cups Grand Final Winner is (a) bomb

After 16 smaller and bigger one evening cups with a lot of lags and legs in the last weeks, there was played the Grand Final #17.

7 Players used their grand final ticket and played a fast and smooth high skilled one evening cup.

In the final, the first match won by bomb with 5-2 but ilcignodz did a great comeback and won the second game with 7-4. So an Extra Time was needed where bomb could score the deciding winner goal.

Congratulations to #2777 Bomb who is the winner of Q Cup #17 in the 666 Quarantine Cups Event Series.

1: Bomb

2: ilcignodz

3: AndYpsilon

4: Lord Quake

Because Bomb lives in the same city like me I did not have to pay some porto for his cup. I also have a second same Cup, because it was an advertinsing offer.

So I think there will be a #17+ final on 13th of June wink

@2020-05-26 12:34:23 by ElMichaJ


Well done, Bomb! Quarantine master!! :)
@2020-05-27 12:13:48 by Playaveli