J Cup - Community Cups 2020

The first Community J Cup in 2020 has ended. There were made a lot of matches and sometimes it were thrilling group stages.


But now its over and the Winner is ilcignodz

2nd Place : Assura

3rd Place: Bomb

It was great to see that so many players took part ! YEAH.


Now it is time for the next edition. We have 88 players in 8 group of 11 players. The best 5 players will promote to the next round.

Time to play first round matches will be until end of April.

If you dont want to take part, just write a personal message on Discord to elmichaj !

So then there will be maybe some slots left for new joiners until 10th of April.

Have Fun, Good Luck, SWOS ON!!!

@2020-04-04 15:57:38 by ElMichaJ