SWOS 2020 v1.1

Version 1.1 (release date: March 26th, 2020)

(v1.1 - 32MB - Win 7,8,10)

1.1 release notes

[team db]
- updated team database (winter transfers & bug fixes)
- database browser included
- auto-updater of team data

- pixel scalers & OpenGL CRT shaders
- HD menu background image
- auto-selecting background image by game style selection
- new screen resolutions for widescreen mode
- option for hiding darken banner to show the score result
- supporting 2nd or 3rd monitor
- pitch selection (official 2020, new grass 2020 and new retro HD)

- title music according to selected game style (Amiga/PC DOS)
- new atmospheric SFX

- fixed incorrect team uniform sprites
- fixed camera bug of penalty shootouts for widescreen mode
- fixed DIY cup away goal rule bug

- added option for scaling of launcher window size
- arranged user interface of launcher (general and advanced tab)
- added web link icons
- updated credits 

AMIGA v1.1

(2MB - Amiga 600/1200 +4MB fastram)

@2020-03-26 14:51:55 by Playaveli


Swos doesnt run at my laptop
Hi, i tried,so much but i dont get it running. When i download amiga hdf and rename it ubd then install total pack i can t start swos because there is no exe file. At the desktop is an ican but laptap says there is noch exe file and that laptop is searching for new total pack exe. Where can I found it guys? ThNls
@2020-04-13 08:15:35 by KaKa