J Cup Next Edition and Support

The final group of J-Cup is running and the next Edition will start at 4th of April 2020 with more than 80 players. The first round will be played the whole April with 8 groups of 10 players (5 will promote).

But sometimes we need financial support, because we have some costs for all the running stuff. We would be happy if some of you, the fans and players, would support our project using the following Support Button. You can contact ElMichaJ for personal transfer, too.

The most important donation is, that you play leagues and tournaments, so you are the content. Its great to see all these competitions. Thanks to all players, and VERY THANX to all ADMINS.

Annual Costs:

Server, Webspace and Domains : monthly 35 € = 420 € yearly

SSL and Crons = 80 € yearly

Alltogether the running costs  are 500 € per year.

I also use Confluence and Jira for Support, Documentation and Tasktracking, which costs like 400 € per year. But well, that is just my personal environement.

@2020-03-24 15:25:19 by ElMichaJ