Bomb takes it all in Hannoi

Last weekend the second edition of the already cult “0815 SWOS Hannoi” tournament took place in the centre of Hannover. The famous (Da)Bomb lived up to his fame and won both: the PC and AMIGA tournaments. On PC, he won the final against AndYpsilon (4-1, 1-2), while Klinki came in third after two close victories against Pino (3-2, 3-2). On AMIGA, the Berlin derby between Bomb and ElMichaJ took place in the final: After Micha had won 8 out of 8 matches in the group stage, he was beaten in the final by a narrow margin 1-1 and 2-3. The match for rank 3 was similarly fiercely fought, where AndYpsilon won against tournament organizer Schulle (3-3, 4-2).

Besides a strong field of participants, which was very close to a German championship, the organizers Pino and Schulle convinced with a smooth organization of the tournament, where the matches were played on two systems in parallel. Also the humorous cultural program on Friday evening once more lived up to the reputation of this event.

PC Results

AMIGA Results


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Class Trophies
I want one of these, just need to make it some sensi days in my life, as well as train loads and hope I get lucky
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