Klinki wins Eifel XMAS 2019

The Eifel XMAS Cup on PC was played on 30th of November in Sistig. 14 Players took part and played in two groups for the places of the quarter finals. KO Phase had a lot of thrilling games including a bombasitc Penalty Shootout. It was a very smooth and fast tournament with a lot of funny and spectacular games.

The Winner Klinki was really on fire and killed all opponents in the KO Stage.

Results Eifel XMAS 2019


  1. Klinki
  2. Bomb
  3. AndYpsilon
  4. Paider
  5. ElMichaJ
  6. Schulle
  7. Pino
  8. St.Vitus
  9. Romanista
  10. Domi
  11. Harmlos
  12. mc.tobsen
  13. armakuni
  14. Ma3x

Romanista won the Paprika and played well in the group stage. So he and Klinki were the SRN + winners of the tournament. Also Domi played a nice tournament and got some big SRN Plus.

After the tournament players went to XMas Market and made a lot of Party. It is always a pleasure to be on the Eifel Cup. We are waiting for the next Edition!

@2019-12-02 09:03:56 by ElMichaJ


business as usual
again it was a very nice tournament. I could made a better placement than 0815 Hannoi ;)
@2019-12-02 10:38:01 by ElMichaJ