WInter 2019/2020

The first Online Leagues Season controlled by the new framework will end next weekend. I am observing it nearly all the time, but I could not see any problems for users or system data. So the first real Live Test looks fine. The next season will be Winter 2019/2020. It will last 2 months because players need more time for their private stuff. It is also a nice way for new players to get experienced with the system. The end of next season will be 31st of January 2020

For all hardcore players we will setup some nice fun tournaments and a bigger Online J-Cup. The national associations are free to setup further competitions. But ISSF Cups will last 2 months. So next possibility to qualify after winter season will be in February.

Have fun and SWOS on !

@2019-11-28 10:13:15 by ElMichaJ