Nice host wins nice Tournament in London

The 3rd edition of London Calling was played at 16th of November in London. Lobo organized again a very nice tournament in a London pub.

This time xflea from Poland, Bomb and Kindel from Berlin and 0815 Hannover Clan with Schulle and Pino joined the event.

They visited several pubs and played some nice games after it. The group stage was very close about the top position. But in the final Lobo could revenge for his loss in the group stage.

London Calling 3 Click the link for checking out more details about matches and rounds.


  1. Lobo
  2. Bomb
  3. xflea
  4. Schulle
  5. Pino
  6. Kindel

We will watch out for the next event and hope that more players are able to join this nice tradition.

@2019-11-24 13:49:57 by ElMichaJ