Happy new year and good luck in 2023

So again a year is gone. It was called 2022. In normal life it was quite a strange year for at least most of our community.

But in SWOS life we had a kind of Big Bang!

I have to say "thank you very much" to all members of the SWOS 2020 Developer Team, the Coders, the Managers, the DataExperts and the Betatesters.

You have done such a great job to our community. Now it is easily possible to play online AMIGA, PC or XBOX all across the world. This is something we have ever dreamed of.

Next year we will try start some kind of PC Online Events and Leagues and we will start on 5th of February with an one evening cup from 7 to 10 pm CET.

Feel free to join here ! But please get sure that you know how everything works. We want to do a fast smooth Cup :)

Thanks to all players and community members and their work and donations, which makes it possible to let this project stay still alive.

We are also very happy about the yet known Offline Tournaments hosts and we hope we can get some more of it on the list.

Last year we had Spain/Barcelona as new location/country for our World Cup. In 2023 it will be Berlin (close to) again, but there are also Cups in Poland, Netherlands and UK. For sure there will be more cups in Poland, Denmark or Germany which dates we dont know yet. And also lets pray for some events in maybe Portugal, Spain, Italy and the Balkan Countries, and maybe on some other continents, not only Europe.

With this new SWOS 2020 we can include some lonely players in America, Asia or Africa to play online regularly, so that there may be created some new offline Communities too.

Even if we have this great SWOS 2020 for playing online, the best feeling is playing great offline tournaments with nice atmosphere.

@2022-12-30 16:45:05 by ElMichaJ


Thank you!
Nicely written, Micha! Thanks to you as always for your dedication and hard work with the website! 2023, HERE WE COME!!
@2022-12-31 05:36:23 by Playaveli