Sensible Days 2022 - Barcelona (ESP) 30/31 July

Sensible Days 2022 will take place in Barcelona, Spain.
Date: July 30/31

We are really glad to host the Sensible Days in Barcelona, Spain.
The event will last from 29th of July to 1st of August, with the World Championships of SWOS on PC and AMIGA. Furthermore, a couple of small side-events and cups will also happen.
This edition will be held under special circumstances due to the ongoing pandemic.
The tournaments are open to anyone, but a pre-payment is mandatory to join the event! This is done to ensure better organizing possibilities, arranging of groups, seedings, amount of equipment needed, getting the right amount of food, drinks etc.

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we will give it all!
@2022-02-02 20:11:58 by crom1