February 2021 Season Review

The February 2021 Online League Season has finished. So again it is time for some fame:

League Winner
Champions League Nestoroide
ISSF Cup Bomb
Amiga Super League bobbiebobras
Czech League Finaipepe (again)
Serie A ilcignodz
La Liga Nestoroide (again)
Liga Portuguesa [H]Giggs (again)
UK Premier League GMOwl (again)
Extraklasa bobbiebobras (again)
Deutsche Sensibleliga AndYpsilon (again)
Turkish Sensible League OssiTR10


The FISS (Italian SWOS Association) is still strong in leading, but this season Poland, Spain and Germany had some better statistics. Its getting now a bit closer all together.

Next Season SLP and UKL will need to fight for more points, because their strong results from 09/20 wont count anymore for march 2021. 

MVP of February 2021 : bobbiebobras

(close decision between Nestoroide and bobbiebobras)

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