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Have you ever wondered what is SWOS actual field size? The penalty box, the goal etc. Is it accurate? For example if to take 1 meter from the 11 meters to the penalty point.


Ok I checked it myself because you are lamers who don't even care. If 1 meter is 10 pixels (according to the penalty point which is 110 pixels from the goal in such scale), the penalty box is ~ 17 meters x 57 meters, the infield is 6 meters x 25 meters, the field is 128 x 102 meters and the goal is 3.5 meters x 14 meters. The player is 2.5 meters x 1 meter.

The real field size is ~ 16.5 meters x 40 meters for the penalty box, 5.5 x 18 meters for the infield, 120 x 90 (105 x 68 nowadays) for the field and 2.5 meters x 7.5 meters for the goal.

So it's unpropotional. To make it more accurate, the SWOS field should be 128/85 (which would be more than maximum so 120x80, but simply 105 x 68 in nowadays size would make it half of the current field!). The other parameters are standard, so the penalty box should be slightly shorter and narrower, the infield should be at lest narrower and slightly shorter as well, the goal is twice the width and should be the height of a player! And the players are actually giants.


I've opend the field in another program and the penalty point was actually 70 pixels from the goal, which would make everything even different. The penalty box is ~ 16.5 meters x 54 meters, the infield is 5.5 meters x 22.5 meters, the field is 116 meters x 92 meters and the goal is 13 meters x 3 meters. Now I'm not 100% sure if it's accurate either. That would make the player 2.8 meters x 1.5 meter.

The ball is round and the goals are two - Casimir Mountain
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Forget the dimensions... Barcelona's pitch in Nou Camp for example is way bigger than for example Bayern's in the Allianz Arena.
And apart from that, it's SWOS` magic that the dimension just look right.. even if they are not. :)

Interesting topic. :)

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